Political Science B.A. (Honours) students can expect to graduate with a deeper understanding of Political Science subject matter. They will be better prepared for further studies such as a Master of Arts or law school. They will also be able to research and write independently at a higher standard than if they had only completed a Major. It is particularly useful for students going on to law or graduate school, journalism, or the civil service, as well as anyone wanting to prepare a piece of independent research and writing.


  • Strong knowledge of Political Science
  • Increased flexibility to choose Political Science courses that interest you
  • More opportunities for graduate school or jobs
  • Preparation of an Honours Essay develops independent research and writing skills
  • Get to know Political Science students and faculty better
  • Easiest way to pursue an optional concentration in Canadian Government or Global Studies


  • Reduced flexibility in non-Political Science courses than a Major
  • Need to sustain a higher academic performance
  • Not always necessary for graduate school or jobs, particularly if your academic average is 90%+